Paul Jackson x Mighty Jaxx - 6" Darwins Revenge

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“I love drawing stuff— the weirder the better.”— Based in Toronto, British artist Paul Jackson is famed for his stunningly intricate illustrations that often involves the anatomy of humans, animals and various fictional characters. Inspired by his series of 'Revenge' drawings Paul created a concert poster for one of the most celebrated American rock bands of all time, Darwins Revenge is probably no stranger to most. In our first collaboration with the talented artist, we bring one of his many elaborate ink creations to life in a 6” polystone figure. As an added surprise element, the black gorilla head can be pried open to reveal a figure resembling Charles Darwin strapped into what seems to be a cockpit. Weirder is definitely better when it comes to Paul Jackson, that’s for sure! 

6" Polystone Art Collectibles

Limited Edition of 100 pieces worldwide. 

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