Youtooz - Jesse Pinkman

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Youtooz capture emotions through physical vinyl products, varying in design from Youtube celebrities, movie stars, iconic Disney characters and many more!

Let's get cooking! Jesse Pinkman is dressed in an orange hazmat suit, blue skin tight gloves, and white and black sneakers in this detailed collectible. His respirator mask, which is sculpted in depth and employs a translucent material for the visor section, sits atop his head. Jesse is zoomed with fantasies of freedom on his office chair in the window box, which depicts a scene from the covert meth lab.

The collectible ships in an embossed, matte, protective sleeve.

Each model is uniquely designed from ground up, limited to numbers and never produced again!

Once it's available to buy, it's your chance to secure the collectable here in the UK with Collect & Display!

Stands at 4.9" tall.

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