Youtooz - Doctor Neo Cortex

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Youtooz capture emotions through physical vinyl products, varying in design from Youtube celebrities, movie stars, iconic Disney characters and many more!

Doctor Neo Cortex is Crash's oldest foe, arch-nemesis, and creator, which is perhaps a little weird. He's your typical mad scientist, and he won't be satisfied until he controls the entire globe, but who knows what he'd do with it once he did. While carrying his iconic ray pistol in one hand, he is surrounded by purple energy. The cannon is decorated in red, grey, and yellow. His unkempt brows and unkempt hair create a suspicious expression. He grins with his mouth open, his teeth and tongue carved to perfection. Youtooz artists collaborated with the Crash Bandicoot team to create Doctor Neo Cortex's packaging, which captures the actual nasty demeanour of this professional villian.

The collectible ships in an embossed, matte, protective sleeve.

Each model is uniquely designed from ground up, limited to numbers and never produced again!

Once it's available to buy, it's your chance to secure the collectable here in the UK with Collect & Display!

Stands at 4.8" tall.

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