2petalrose - Kid Katana (New Dawn) & Bamboo Stand (Bundle)

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2Petalrose is back again with the infamous Kid Katana resin figure! This New Dawn edition features 'New Dawn 0003’ on the side of the oversized samurai helmet which follows the Renegade & Lost Souls resin editions. The figure also includes a deluxe leather katana strap allowing it to be slung cross body or on one shoulder. As with the resin versions, the vinyl edition includes a swappable top knot for display without the helmet.

Kid Katana has three points of articulation at the neck and shoulders.

Also one stop beyond the vinyl figure it will also arrive with a bamboo stand accessory for displaying the helmet and Katana in true Japanese style!

Figure stands at 8.5" Tall.

Bamboo accessory stands at 6" Tall. 

Limited to 200 pieces worldwide.

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