Cacooca x Might Jaxx - 4" Panda Ink #6 (Cat)

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Having conquered all territories and destroyed his enemies in the gaming world, Panda is getting bored of facing the gaming console all day and is in need of some companionship. Dog might be a man's best friend but our resident Panda is just head over heels for his newfound feline buddies.

Tough on the outside, Panda is but a gentle giant when it comes to these doe-eyed kittens! 

About Panda Ink:
A newly developed series by Mighty Jaxx and China-based artist, Cacooca. Using the form of a Panda to represent the average man, this new world of Panda figurines sees this friendly "giant" in an array of poses and get-ups. They will often mimic our day-to-day habits and familiar activities with a slight exaggeration at times.

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