Cacooca x Mighty Jaxx - 4" Panda Ink (Hike)

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In a galaxy not too far away...There lived a common man (or Panda should I say) with a mission to explore the world. Panda is your everyday average joe who loves to indulge in routine like eating a good meal, boozing and is addicted to social media, which I am sure many of us can relate to. While having a deep penchant for wanderlust, some of Panda's favourite hobbies include regular hiking and surfing. Neither the most athletic nor the smartest companion out there, what really draws us to this fuzzy little character is the fact that he is always ready to have a good time, no matter the occasion. Of course, it does help that he is extremely adorable too.

Hike is the first figure in line as we unveil our latest series — Panda Ink. Standing at 4 inches tall and carrying a huge haversack with a pair of binoculars strapped around his neck and a map in one hand, watch out now as he navigates the way from our world to yours!

About Panda Ink:
A newly developed series by Mighty Jaxx and China-based artist, Cacooca. Using the form of a Panda to represent the average man, this new world of Panda figurines sees this friendly "giant" in an array of poses and get-ups. They will often mimic our day-to-day habits and familiar activities with a slight exaggeration at times.

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