Cacooca x Mighty Jaxx - 4" Panda Ink #4 (Punch)

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Panda is campaigning for a chance at the heavyweight title despite his rounded body and clumsy moves. In preparation for “Fight of the Night”, he’s been training harder than ever before and cutting back on his daily snacking habits. We certainly hope that pair of red pants and gloves will bring him luck and lead him to victory! Cheer him on as he steps into the octagon for the upcoming Panda Fighting Championship. 

About Panda Ink:
A newly developed series by Mighty Jaxx and China-based artist, Cacooca. Using the form of a Panda to represent the average man, this new world of Panda figurines sees this friendly "giant" in an array of poses and get-ups. They will often mimic our day-to-day habits and familiar activities with a slight exaggeration at times.

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