Cacooca x Mighty Jaxx - 4" Panda Ink (Gamer) - LAST ONE DAMAGED

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Panda has thrown in his boxing gloves for a handheld video game device this time to recuperate from his intense fighting career. Eyes fixated on the screen, binging on snacks and practically fusing with the bean bag. Clothes and hygiene are pretty much optional. It might seem like this couch Panda is taking it way too easy with his newfound hobby but there is definitely more to gaming than meets the eye with this thrill-seeking individual.

No blood, sweat or tears but watch as he dominates the gaming world with his round paws and quick wits! This one’s for all you gamer geeks out there!

About Panda Ink:
A newly developed series by Mighty Jaxx and China-based artist, Cacooca. Using the form of a Panda to represent the average man, this new world of Panda figurines sees this friendly "giant" in an array of poses and get-ups. They will often mimic our day-to-day habits and familiar activities with a slight exaggeration at times.

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