Clogtwo x Mighty Jaxx - 8" Hell Lotus Reincarnation

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Based on the ideology that beauty is birthed from hardship and perseverance, Hell Lotus represents a beautiful flower emerging from the mud. Creating chaos on Earth with a league of demonic followers under his lotus, Hell Lotus reigns supreme as he gains immortality and conquers the other Lotus Clan. A monumental sacrifice bonds Hell Lotus with the two dimensions, giving birth to the cosmo being of the Earth and the Spirit World— Hell Lotus Reincarnation. Donning his new robe and the staff that controls his army, Hell Lotus Reincarnation puts his kingship on display for the world to see with flames burning immensely around his lotus throne and skull crown. With his newfound domination, his generals will rise and his army shall walk this land…

8" Vinyl Art Collectible

Limited Edition of 100 pieces. 

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