Darrell Thorpe - Igor (Custom 4" Fonzo)

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ANNOUNCEMENT :  Two miscreants have escaped the Archaic Asylum on Blue Hinged Hill. Known for diabolical experiments Dr Barry Von Hoodslip & his short accomplice Igor Hardcaw have disappeared.  Rumours have stated they were created in a paint ridden lab. They are easily identified if seen by their colourful looks and twisted expressions. They also bear markings from their equally twisted creator Mr Forpe.



His low centre of gravity and stout figure make Igor a tough character. Known for his Judo chop
and ferocious bite he spends his time serving Barry and making sure their schemes go to plan.
Favourite colour  :  Acid Pink
Favourite Food  :  Sardines
Quote : “ Just because there’s no pulse doesn’t mean its dead. "
Comes with original signed Fonzo Box 

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