I could Scream 4EVER - Worlds Most Famous Paintings - Series 2 (Blind Box)

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A selection of five world-famous paintings and embodied six characters into our collectible art toys. The new set has 8 figures in total including a limited edition of Girl with a Pearl Earring and Mona Lisa.

The museum is closed.

The Portraits can finally enjoy the rest of the day in silence, which is not always the case, but today The Scream isn’t here.

The silence is so agreeable. While wandering around, everyone puts on a smile, polite, and with a sense of distance. After all, no one wants to catch a virus or something these days. You need to watch your social distance, and a meaningful smile is a good start to not to initiate any social activity. For those who have existed long enough and acquired the wisdom of life, they know exactly how to amplify the signal of “leave me alone” in a decent way.

Figures include:

Judith with the head of Holofernes

Lady with ermine

Grantwoods American Gothic

Man in a Bowler hat

Raphael Self Portait

Limited Editions (Limited to 50 editions)

Girl with a pearl earing 

Mona Lisa

All Figures Stand at approx 9.5cm Tall.

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