Juxtapoz Issue 177 - October 2015 - Banksy Cover

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We kept a good secret there, didn't we? This month, Banksy officially announced and opened his newest project, Dismaland, his self-proclaimed "Bemusement Park" in the English coastal town of Weston-super-Mare. For the October 2015 issue, Juxtapoz has an exclusive interview with Banksy himself, speaking about the genesis of the project, being a curator, and the ever-changing world that he has created for himself.

Also in October 2015
Crystal Wagner's dripping, layered paper installations.
Dan Gluibizzi makes dirty watercolors.
Turf One, aka Jean Labourdette, turns Delicatessen into painting.
Sever ever-comedic and poignant approach to public art
Mike Shine travels to Israel... ... while Swampy hops trains and releases a new book
The Thing is more than just a thing... ... and Matthew Gottschalk will make anything come to life.
Dan Baldwin gets personal in London.
Reigning Champ makes the best hoodies in the world...
.... and JR covers Philly with a little heart. 


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