Kidrobot x Clutter - 3" Kaiju Dunny Battle Series (Blind Box)

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Kidrobot has teamed up with Clutter Magazine to present an all new multi-artist Dunny series... Kaiju Dunny Battle! Bringing together some of the hottest American artists working in the Neo-Kaiju genre, Clutter has curated the ultimate Neo-Kaiju Dunny series that no-one thought was even possible! Asking artists to put their monstrous spin on the ultimate designer vinyl toy platform, the Dunny, this 18 piece collectible series brings East to West in an epic toy art battle.  Let’s get ready to RUUUUMMMMBLLLLEEE!  The ultimate battle starts now!!!

Kaiju and Neo-Kaiju is one of the hottest trends in vinyl toys right now! Coming from Japan, and taking over Western collections, these strange beasts – sometimes cute, sometimes ugly – call upon the golden age of art toy collecting!  Kidrobot and the team at Clutter Magazine have pulled together six of the top Kaiju artists on the scene for this 18 piece multi-artist Kaiju Dunny series including Candie Bolton, Bwana Spoons, Chauskoskis, James Groman, Jeff Lamm and Jon Rampage.

Each collectible art figure comes blind boxed and sealed in a foil blind bag to preserve the rarity, mystery and delight of each unboxing!  Ranging from somewhat common to extremely rare super chase pieces, this Kaiju Dunny Battle will be one for the ages!

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