Kidrobot x Kronk - 3" Indie Eagle Dunny

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Celebrating indie spirit, Kidrobot is excited to release the limited edition 4th of July inspired Indie Eagle Dunny Art Figure by South Africa based artist KRONK!  Are you ready to soar as high as the eagles and express your freedom in red, white, and blue? Kidrobot is ready to add a firework to your collection and get a little Kronk with the new 4th of July inspired Indie Eagle 3" Dunny Art Figure. This patriotic bird of prey is ready to swoop in on the wings of freedom and add some freedom flair just in time for America’s birthday! This 3-inch tall art figure was designed by an artist from outside the USA as their take on 'merican patriotism and celebration of Independence Day!  This 4th of July themed figure is limited to 1000 pieces worldwide, so pledge your allegiance to this bad boy today!

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