Kidrobot x Scott Tolleson - 5" Krampus Dunny

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We warned you all year to behave. To be good. But you didn't listen. And now it's Christmas. He's coming for you. You can't run. You can't hide. It's Christmas. And you've misbehaved. Based on the 2016 DTA Dunny Show custom piece by Scott Tolleson and SeriouslySillyK, Kidrobot is here to bring some holiday un-cheer with a production run of the Krampus 5" Dunny. Limited to 800 pieces worldwide, collect St. Nick's dark companion and stay on the naughty list!

Kidrobot and Scott Tolleson have previously worked together on the King Howie 8" Dunny, The Odd Ones Mini Series and The Pipken Labbit.

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