James Fuller - Lil' Jammies DIY 2.5" Resin

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We are very excited to share James Fuller first resin figure, Lil’ Jammies! 

James has been working on this design for quite some time now and has always wanted to be able to paint his own base and feels this design is the perfect fit for his style. Cute but kickass! The Lil’ Jammie figure is a hooded character in pajamas. James has always had a fascination with hooded characters; The mysteriousness of what is underneath the hood has always intrigued all of us. That’s the beauty of this base, it can be anything. What is under that hood?

The figure is made of sturdy resin and the head is removable and can swivel.

It measures at 2” length x 2.5” height; the perfect size to fit in anyone’s collection.

Keep watching for more Lil’ Jammie characters in the near future! 

Say hello to Lil’ Jammies!!

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