Medicom Toy - BE@RBRICK Grafflex Arts 100% + 400% Set

£180.00 GBP

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This is a PRE-ORDER and is estimated to arrive in Q4 of 2021 however due to coronavirus this could be delayed further. Please check this page for updates on the shipping of this item.

Please keep in mind when ordering this figure the rest of your order will be held back until the order is complete!

Medicom Toy is back again with an stunning collaboration with Korean visual artist GRAFFLEX, who is a very influential artist in fields as street art, pop art, and cartooning. 
Grafflex Arts' work is bold, in your face, and ultra-contemporary.
This special set comes with 100% (70mm) and 400% (280mm) BE@RBRICK comes inside a special art box!

Stands at 28cm and 7cm tall.

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