Mighty Jaxx - A Wood Awakening by Juce Gace (Stay Home Edition)

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Hopping out of bed and onto a Zoom conference call, A Wood Awakening is late for the most important meeting of his life - one with the fairy godmother. He pulls a quick stretch and signs in, only to realise at that moment he's still in PJs! Things don't get any better when his trousers begin to rise...

The screen pings to life and the fairy godmother stares straight at him in all his pyjamas and upright plank glory. Will he chop that wood? Why is he in a 2 year old's PJ? And most importantly - will he ever get to be a real boy now?

Stands at 10" Tall.

Limited Edition.

Comes packed with a 1000 pc Jigsaw puzzle and face mask


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