SubUrban Vinyl x Nerviswr3k - 4" Inner Child (Red)

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SubUrban Vinyl is proud to announce the release of Arizona based artist Nerviswr3k’s first designer vinyl figure, Inner Child. The Inner Child Stands at 4 inches and boasts articulated arms, and is packed in a 4-panel box adorned with art of the Inner Child’s inner self. The figure is being released in 3 color ways. The first color way is red for retailers. A blue color way exclusive version will be released via March 7th and a green color way exclusive will be released via SubUrban Vinyl Retail store and online at March 21st.

About Nerviswr3k

Born into this world as a human clone baby, Nerviswr3k went thru life enjoying and admiring the left side of life, colors, taste, emotions and creativity. At the age of 12, Nerviswr3k managed to discon- nect himself from the machine known as the American dream and began the long journey to crea- tive freedom. That long journey takes us to now.......focusing on odd creatures and odd fellows, cre- ating what in his mind is a master race that pulls the strings on modern society, controlling the media, governments, agriculture and monetary institutes. This world is a dystopian rat lab where we wait to find out who wins this rat race called life. The end.

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