Quiccs x Martian Toys - 7" RAVAGER TEQ63 (OG White)

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He waits brooding...plotting...The unlocked door, the unchained fence, the open lane. It's his turn. His time. He is the future.

Martian Toys presents Ravager by Quiccs. Ravager is the arch nemesis to TEQ63. Entirely synthetic and programmed to take over the world. This half torso is ~ 7.3" tall and is a full vinyl production. Each Ravager will include a special authenticity card signed and numbered by the artist, Quiccs himself. It will also include set of stickers for the spray can that you choose to apply or save for a rainy day in 2029... Be on the lookout for separate can sticker packs too! 

  • Highly limited Collectible Object Art
  • Created and Envisioned by Quiccs 
  • Meticulously synthesized and sculpted by Karmieh
  • Produced by Martian Toys

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