Unicorn Rainbow Soda - Blind Box

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Introducing the awesome and cute Unicorn Rainbow Soda series. This series will remind you of your favourite soda flavours! Each toy comes packaged in a soda can.

Do you have a favourite soda flavour? Get your taste buds tingling with the delicious drinks with the Unicorn Rainbow Soda Blind Box Series!

Join in on the blind box fun with the Unicorn Rainbow Soda series, with a variation of different designs which include Cream Soda, Bubblegum, Zesty Apple, Juicy Peach, and many more to get your taste buds tingling!

The Unicorn Rainbow Soda has a variation of 10 designs plus 1 secret rare figure! Which flavour will it be and will you be lucky enough to find it?

Increase your chances of finding the secret cola flavour, when you order a full tray of 8 units. All boxes are random, so what you’ll get in the blind box is a mystery! 

Unicorn Rainbow Soda Blind Box Single box orders are picked at random, join in on the blind box fun today and collect them all! 


Figure Size: up to 3.5”

8 Units per Tray 

What’s a blind box?

A Blind Box is a sealed box that has a mystery figure inside, part of a series or collection! Until you open it you will never know what’s inside.

Every Blind Box series has variations of designs to collect as well as secret figures to find!

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