Youtooz - Charlie Brown Revealed

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Youtooz capture emotions through physical vinyl products, varying in design from Youtube celebrities, movie stars, iconic Disney characters and many more!

Charlie Brown is depicted on one half of the figure, wearing his iconic grin, brown shoes, black pants, and yellow and black t-shirt. Woodstock sits in his nest along his side, beginning at the bottom and working his way up. Peppermint Patty rests her head on Snoopy's red doghouse above him. Snoopy is positioned next to the Kite-Eating Tree, which has Charlie's red kite tangled in its branches. Lucy, who is smiling, is perched above them.

This collectible comes in completely illustrated packaging designed by Youtooz artists and includes a die-cut foam insert for maximum shipping protection. And don't forget that all you really need is love and a little chocolate every once in a while!

Once it's available to buy, it's your chance to secure the collectable here in the UK with Collect & Display!

Stands at 1ft tall.

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