Munky King


Trickster...Warrior...Revolutionary. Sick of living under the yoke of the Jade Emperor, The Monkey King staged a coup against the Kingdom of Heaven using his wits, his cunning and a very big stick. Individuality in the face of conformity is his legacy.


In his honor we built this temple, filling it with toys that embody his rebellious and creative spirit. Cast from the hearts and minds of independent artists from around the world, these "Designer Toys" or "Art Toys" are part of an ever-growing international phenomenon. In an age where mega-conglomerates churn out mass-produced hunks of cheap plastic, these limited production-run collectibles are revolutionizing the way people think about art and toys.
Munky King designer toys are a special collaboration between the company and the artist. Developed closely together from concept to production, the final product is always loyal to the artist's original artwork. Our platform toy, the Omi, blurs the line between toy and fine art with its unique display options. Inspired by Chinese opera masks, Omi takes a traditional form and infuses it with a designer toy aesthetic. Along with a DIY version, we work with many renown artists and licenses to create artist and crossover series.