Whilst out shopping in London we came across some Kidrobot blind boxes, we purchased a few and there was a real excitement opening them to see which collectible you would get - we wanted more! There was a serious lack of these toys available to purchase in the UK so we decided to open a store where we could facilitate making the purchase of these items easier (mostly for ourselves). 

Initially Kidrobot was the only brand we knew and was our primarily focus for what we wanted to sell but as we started sourcing these items we were introduced to a wide variety of these limited 'art toys' from various suppliers/manufactures around the world. We opened our eBay store in September 2011 and started to sell these items - the demand was huge and we kept selling out. On December 2nd 2012 we launched our own website. 

Since launching we have focused on delivering the best service that we can and attribute this to our success . We have grown astronomically since we first started - from storing the products we had available in our Wardrobe to occupying large warehouse spaces. 

We will continue to source new items from around the world and deliver a first class service. 


Nominated for 'Best Online Toy Store' in the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Annual Designer Toy Awards 


FHM Cool Materials Feature (October 2015)

ShortList Notebook Feature (August 2017)

Sponsorship of Broomfield Cricket Club 

Logo artwork designed by JC Rivera (The BearChamp)