Sword & Fairy (A Fantastic Dream) Blind box Series

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Here comes a trading figure series based on the masterpiece RPG "Chinese Paladin"! collect your favourite characters with the Sword & Fairy (A Fantastic Dream) Blind box Series!

Join in on the blind box fun with the Memory Vending Vol.01 series, with a variation of different designs which include Li Xiaoyao, the heroine Chou Rage, and Lin Yueru and many more!

The Memory Vending Vol.01 has a variation of 7 designs plus 1 secret rare figure! Will you be lucky enough to find it?

Increase your chances of finding the secret figure, when you order a full tray of 6 units. All boxes are random, so what you’ll get in the blind box is a mystery! 

Sword & Fairy (A Fantastic Dream) Blind Box Single box orders are picked at random, join in on the blind box fun today and collect them all! 

Figure Size: up to 3.5”

6 Units per Tray 

What’s a blind box?

A Blind Box is a sealed box that has a mystery figure inside, part of a series or collection! Until you open it you will never know what’s inside..

Every Blind Box series has variations of designs to collect as well as secret figures to find!