Youtooz - Last Stand Spike

£35.00 GBP


This is it, the ultimate showdown. Bounty Hunter Spike Spiegel has returned, fueled by a thirst for vengeance. At a stature of 5 inches, Spike is armed to the teeth with two formidable weapons in tow. His right hand points one weapon at his adversary, while his left hand aims toward the heavens.

Adorned in his signature blue suit, he rocks a light yellow collar that stylishly pops up. Layered atop his ensemble is a gray trench coat, elegantly caught in the winds of the moment. Spike's meticulously sculpted hair complements his look, with a subtle smile gracing his face.

The packaging exterior sets the scene within a dimly lit cathedral, the backdrop for the climactic confrontation between Spike and Vicious. A magnificent, expansive glass window bathes the space in ethereal purples and blues.


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Stands at 5" tall.

About Cowboy Bebop

Considered a masterpiece and frequently cited as perhaps one of the greatest anime’s of all time, Cowboy Bebop follows the lives of a bounty hunter crew traveling across the galaxy in their spaceship named Bebop. Inspired by science fiction, the anime takes inspiration from western and noir films, exploring the difficulties of trying to escape one’s past and loneliness while being packed with scenes of action, beautiful jazz music and plot twists.

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